Hi! I’m Travis

I’m a NYC-based software engineer specializing in UI / UX development

Let me bring your vision to life

I take pride in building beautiful, meaningful, and accessible experiences that delight your users and help unlock the true potential of your product. I have worked across a variety of companies, industries, and technology stacks delivering high-quality, reliable, dependable software that you can trust to meet and exceed the expectations of its stakeholders. Some of my favorite projects I’ve worked on include:

Material Components for the Web

Lead a cross-functional team distributed across three time zones to design, implement, and build Google’s canonical component library for Material Design, the first of its kind with usage on over two million unique domains worldwide. It has been integrated into multiple third-party libraries, and is currently being integrated into Angular’s Material Design component framework. Check it out on Github

Google Cloud Platform

I was part of the core team that built and shipped the frontend for Cloud’s first-ever IoT Platform. I went on to help build Cloud’s business intelligence dashboard centered around measuring the quality of our user experience.

Refinery29 mobile website

While at Refinery29, I worked with a small core team to build their first-ever website specifically for mobile browsers. I rearchitected the entire app using BackboneJS and Browserify. The mobile site was used by millions of people, and much of the frontend infrastructure was adopted throughout the entire codebase. I also had the pleasure of engaging with Pivotal Labs on this project, where I fell in love with extreme programming and agile practices.

My expertise is your success

I have worked with all major frontend frameworks, technologies, and infrastructure, include React, Angular (v1 and v2+), jQuery, BackboneJS, and more. I also have contributed to quite a few popular open-source projects. I can use this knowledge to help you with all types of frontend solutions, including:

User-facing applications

  • Enterprise applications, B2B white-label software, BI dashboards
  • Consumer web and mobile applications, progressive web apps
  • Internal tools and UX prototyping

Frontend framework development

  • Framework design and architecture, component library / style guide development
  • Performance optimization, including profiling, benchmarking, and regression detection
  • Team structure, design / engineering collaboration, open-source governance

UI infrastructure

  • Unit / End-to-end testing infrastructure and automation
  • Internationalization workflow, accessibility conformance pipelines
  • Continuous integration and deployment

Beyond just frontend

I have worked on all different types of projects, including:

  • Full-stack applications
  • ETL systems
  • Machine learning model development
  • iOS apps

Although I specialize in frontend, I have a passion for learning new languages and technologies, and truly enjoy working on all types of software.

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